"The Father's love is abundant, the power of the resurrection of Jesus is apparent, and the leading of the Holy Spirit is strong."

     "My wife brought me to this church, we were married in this church, our children have been raised and baptized at this church.  We have all been very blessed by the BCC.  We now seek to serve, so others may be blessed in those same ways!

     Church is a bit of heaven in a fallen world.  It is a little bit like a dream.  It is at other times more like a story.  It is, at its core, Love, a precious work, that will not pass away but will pass on into eternity.  The Father's love is abundant, the power of the resurrection of Jesus is apparent, and the leading of the Holy Spirit is strong.  God is taken at His Word.  Every brother and sister has a place at the Lord's table.  All ground is level at the foot of the cross.  The Great Commission is followed.  The Greatest Commandment is practiced.  The church is not perfect, there are no perfect people here, but we serve a perfect Savior.  Jesus is the cornerstone of our unshakable foundation.  We look forward to the day when we will see Him face to face, to the day when all will be made right, to the day He says, 'Well done, good and faithful servant'."

- Brad Malek


The Blanchard Church of Christ is a nondenominational church located in the beautiful mountains of central Pennsylvania.

Our Mission

We exist to glorify God in all things by exalting Jesus Christ in worship, evangelizing the lost, encouraging the fellowship, edifying the Body of Christ toward maturity, and equipping all the saints for service.

Our Vision

The church is to be in the world as light [Matthew 5:14-16] to penetrate and dispel the darkness of evil and ignorance; as salt [Matthew 5:13] to flavor and preserve the world from total corruption; and as leaven [Matthew 13:33] to be a pervasive and explosive power for transformation.  The purpose of the BCC church points in three theological directions: upward, inward and outward.

Our Values

We are a Christian community whose plea is Christian unity under the authority of Jesus Christ.  We don't allow doctrinal division to occur over non-essentials.  The two overriding essentials for us are 1) the basic facts of the Gospel; that is, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ and 2) the supreme authority of the Bible as the guide to our Christian faith and practice.  To help you discover other important items of doctrine, we have constructed Ten Items of Doctrine.


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