(Based on Ephesians 6:13:17)

Dear Lord:
Place on me your armor of spiritual protection and blessing that I might stand with you, Lord Jesus.
Fasten the belt of truth around my waist, that I may be guided by your truth in this confusing world.
Put on me the breastplate of righteousness, that my heart may be protected from the corruption of our world and that my heart will lead me towards godliness in all things.
Cover my feet with the gospel of peace, that wherever I go I might be an instrument of your salvation in the lives of others.
Put before us the shield of faith, that our trust in you will be the place that the flaming arrows of our world and the evil one will be made impenetrable.
Protect my mind with the helmet of salvation, that the salvation of my soul will guide my thinking and my living.
Put in my hands the word of God to help me cut through the things of this world with clarity and direction.
In all that I do today, please God, lead me to prayer rather than cursing, lead me to prayer rather than scheming, and lead me to prayer rather than despair. May my faith inspire and protect my family, friends and brothers and sisters in Christ whom I love.